February Birthstone – Amethyst

Amethyst is the birthstone for February. Because of its rich purple color, amethyst were exclusively worn by the royal families previously. The amethyst color ranges from deep rich purple to light pink violet, and can have a mixed color or red and blue hues. The most common color for amethyst is purple. Because amethyst resemble the color of wine, so amethyst is also used to represent the God of Wine – Bacchus. Rich in purple color, amethyst is also used to represent the royalty and were previously worn by British royal families.

Amethyst stone is a quartz which resembles purple color and it stands at a 7 on the Mohs Scale of Harness. This February birthstone – Amethyst has a hexagonal crystal structure and shows different hues in its color. Until now, amethyst stones can be found in Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, India, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Canada, and the United States. Among them, Brazil holds the largest source of amethyst. It is essential to note that the amethyst stone mined from Zambia ususally has a more reddish hue to its color as well as more inclusions. The inclusions are often overlooked because of their vivid color. The largest amethyst stone ever found is the “Empress of Uruguay”. The weight of the biggest amethyst is 2.5 tons and its hight measurement is 3.58 yards. However, sadly to say that the Empress of Uruguay was recently vandalized and about a tennis ball size portion of the amethyst stone was stolen.

What is the meaning for February birthstone – amethyst?
The word “amethyst” comes from the Greek word “amethystos”, which means “remedy against drunkenness”. In ancient Roman and Green times, people believed that the rich purple color of amethyst can prevent the gemstone golder becoming drunk. Ancient European people people believed that the amethyst stone would heal them and keep cool-headed, so soldiers wore the amethyst for pretection in battles. Another property of amethyst was believed by ancient people is that it can reduce injuries and swellings, and also it relieves physical and emotional strains, such as sadness, grief and anger.

What are the healing powers of Amethyst?
Traditionally, people believe that amethyst stone can soothe emotions by alleviating fear, anxiety, and stress. Amethyst is also believed to influence sobriety, to calm and stimulate the mind. In ancient Greece, people worn amethyst to heal skin conditions, lung diseases and to cleanse the blood system. Moreover, the Frebruary birthstone is also used to boost hormone production for women.

How to tell the value of a amethyst stone?
The color saturation, cut, clarity and carat weight together determins the value of an amethyst stone. The amethysts which are strongly saturated reddish purple to dark purple have the most value. Labratory treatment, such as heat treating or fracture filling devalue the amethyst stone. For amethyst, the saturation is more important than the weight. The amethysts value ranges from $10 – $100 per carat in 2016.

How to care amethyst?
Amethyst jewelry pieces should be kept away from extremely high or low temperature because extreme temperature might cause the stone to fracture. The amethyst color could fade if you put it in intense light for a long period of time. Amethyst is a tough stone and it can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner, howerver it is not immune to other chemicals. Do not use steam to clean amethyst because the heat will damage the stone.

Where to buy February Birthstone jewelry?
When searching online, you can find a lot of jewelers selling amethyst gemstones and jewelry pieces, but you want to figure out the reputable ones. Listed below is some of the most popular and reputable jewelry stores for amethyst shopping. You will find an exquisite collection of amethyst jewelry for every taste and budget at our recommended jewelry stores.

Blue Nile

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